In the realm where creativity takes its flight, Where colors dance and forms ignite, There lies a craft, both subtle and grand, A world of wonders, by skillful hands. Behold, the beauty of graphic design, A symphony of pixels, a visual shrine. Where lines and curves elegantly blend, Creating magic that knows no end. From the stroke of pen to the click of mouse, The designer weaves a captivating house, Infinite possibilities, a boundless space, Where imagination finds its embrace. With typography's grace, words come alive, Whispering tales that strive to survive. Fonts sing melodies, each letter in tune, Unveiling emotions that transcend the moon. Colors, oh colors, an artist's delight, A palette of moods, from dark to bright. They breathe life into a barren void, Igniting emotions, leaving us overjoyed. Composition, the heartbeat of the design, Balance and harmony, a visual align. Negative spaces, a silent caress, Guiding the eye with gentle finesse. Images and icons, symbols so profound, They speak a language that needs no sound. Visual metaphors, stories untold, In a single frame, a narrative unfolds. Logos, posters, websites, and more, Graphic design knocks at every door. It shapes our world, both big and small, A tapestry of beauty that enthralls us all. So let us celebrate this art divine, For it touches souls, like a sacred sign. In pixels and vectors, a creative spree, The beauty of graphic design, forever free.

Charles Xu Design Studio

Elevating Designs, Bridging Cultures

Charles is a multidisciplinary graphic designer with five years of experience creating promotional materials for clients worldwide, spanning various fields. His work includes poster design, visual identity, typography, publication design, and digital illustration, serving clients in the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, and beyond. His practice extends to independent theatre, cinema, and self-initiated projects exploring cross-cultural communication and human well-being.



Graphic Design for Shaping: Metalsmiths Dual Dialogue, No Format Gallery, London
Branding for BiD, UK

Visual identity for the Musical 'The Enchanted Forest of Floating Lights,' the Central Conservatory of Music


Illustration Projects

Self-initiated Illustration Works

Illustration for Theatre Projects

Illustration for Inependent Films


MAGCD Studio Works

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